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Harness Modification Stand Alone Operation And Hot Engine And Transmission GM Duramax 6.6L 01-07 PPE Diesel

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These days, 6.6L Duramax diesel engines are being installed into many types of vehicles besides big pickups. Classic trucks, boats, full-tilt offroad racing vehicles and more are being fitted with diesels. One of the problems with those installations is the computer/engine electrical aspect. PPE can help.
Send us your uncut, unmodified PCM to Engine harness along with the ECU, TCM, GM factory throttle pedal (required) and pedal harness and we will meticulously modify the harness to function in a stand-alone installation. Tell us what accessories you plan to include in your project: A/C, alternator, aftermarket gauges, and transmission type whether an Allison or even a manual, and we will custom splice it together for you. New harnesses are available at additional cost.Features:

OEM weatherproof connectors
OBD II programming / DATA port
Engine tachometer output lead
Weatherproof fuse holders
Fit to engine sensor locations
Hot+2 E.T. Race Xcelerator required

Available:Engine only and Hot+2 E.T. Race 2001-2007