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LCT1000 5 Speed Stage 6 Package 2001-02 GM 4WD ATS Diesel

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The Allison 1000 has proven itself to be a stout unit behind the formidable Duramax powerplant. However, as power is increased over stock, weak points quickly rise to the surface. ATS addresses the inherent short-comings to offer a robust setup for your Allison 1000.The ATS Stage 6 Allison Features:

ATS TripleLok torque converter, featuring five lock-up clutches, a billet 12 bolt cover, mixed flow stator and custom stall speeds
ATS Co-Pilot Transmission Controller
ATS Billet Flex Plate
Proprietary drum and piston modifications
ATS Billet Output Shaft
ATS Billet Input Shaft
ATS C1-C5 custom CNC machined steels and proprietary clutch pack material
Additional pump modifications for even more line pressure than Stage 1-3 Packages
Modified A and B Trim Valves
New gaskets and seals
ATS Deep Transmission Pan featuring a 5 quart capacity over stock, finned design for heat dissipation and a magnetic drain plug

By increasing the capability of the torque converter, clutch surface area and line pressure, the transmission can hold 200 percent more torque than stock. The result is a setup strong enough to handle aftermarket fueling, turbo(s), tuning and the intensity of drag racing, sled-pulling or dyno competitions. Yet, it is still smooth enough to tow and daily drive.
ATS Extreme Allison Packages include proprietary modifications to the drums and pistons. We have found these modifications necessary when power goes over 700hp at the tires. In addition, the pump is also modified more extensively for increased line pressure. When coupled with the Co-Pilot (standard on all Extreme Packages), line pressure in excess of 300 PSI is achieved, which is needed to prevent clutch slippage.
The Stage 6 features the addition of the ATS Co-Pilot Transmission Controller. The controller dynamically raises line pressure electronically, for additional clamping force on the clutch packs. This prevents slip under high horsepower / high torque situations, such as drag racing, sled pulling or low-speed trailer towing. Shift firmness can be adjusted with the push of a button, so the driver can adjust shift feel in a matter of seconds. The Co-Pilot is designed for trucks at any power level, but becomes crucial at 600 and up hp at the tires.
The Stage 6 also includes the ATS Billet Flex Plate and billet output shaft. At power levels over 600hp, the factory flex plate can crack or break. The focus of the ATS Billet Flex Plate is to absorb more torsional load from the crank, thus resisting cracking/breaking as power transfers from the motor to the transmission. In competition applications (drag racing and/or sled pulling) the stock output can break when launching.
ATS includes a billet 300M output shaft to eliminate this point of weakness. The final point of weakness when attaining 800, 900 or 1000 and up hp is the stock Allison input shaft.
The Stage 6 Extreme comes with a billet 300M input shaft for ultimate reliability in racing, street performance and towing applications. As with all ATS Transmission Packages, the transmission is covered by a 5 year / 500,000 mile warranty.