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Heat Sleeve Sil FGW 3.5 Inch X 1 Foot PPE Diesel

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High-horsepower engines create excessive amounts of heat. Protect all your sensitive hoses, wires and cables from heat damage with PPE Heat Sleeves. Made from silicone-coated, woven fiberglass material, these sleeves are capable of withstanding 500 degrees on a consistent basis, with short excursions to 2200 degrees.
Heat Sleeves should be used anywhere sensitive items, such as vacuum/boost lines, fuel lines, electrical wiring, or coolant hoses come in contact with (or are in close vicinity to) hot engine parts, such as intercooler tubing, exhaust pipes, turbo housings or certain electrical modules.Details:

Sil FGW 3.5 inch x 1 Foot
Woven Fiberglass
Silicone Coated
Capable of withstanding 500 degrees on a consistent basis
Short excursions to 2200 degrees