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4R100 Stage 3 Package 1999-2003 Ford 4WD ATS Diesel

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The factory Ford 4R100 suffers from weak points in the converter, clutch pack assemblies, valve body and line pressure limitations. These weaknesses arise when the motor?s power is increased or in towing applications. ATS addressed these concerns by re-designing the torque converter, transmission pump, valve body and clutch packs. The result is a solid transmission setup to meet the demands of your Ford Super Duty. The ATS Stage 3 4R100

ATS Five Star Torque Converter featuring a billet cover, five lock-up clutches, billet stator and a furnace-brazed impeller
ATS Billet Input Shaft
ATS Co-Pilot Transmission Lock-up Controller
Modified transmission pump for increased line pressure
High performance clutch packs with more clutches than stock
Re-designed accumulator pistons for a precise shift feel

ATS Deep Transmission Pan that adds 5 quarts of fluid, featuring a finned design, magnetic drain plug and is tapped for a temperature probe. By increasing the line pressure, clutch pack surface area and modifying the valve body, the 4R100 becomes a consistent, responsive and dependable transmission.
The Stage 3 includes a billet 300M input shaft. As power increases over 400hp, or considerable weight will be towed, the input shaft takes the brunt of it. The ATS input shaft is designed to withstand extreme torque, converter lock-up sooner than stock, and competition and towing use. Beginning on the Stage 3, ATS includes a Co-Pilot Transmission Lock-up Controller.
This controller allows the user to lock the converter based on vehicle speed. The result is more power to the ground at a lower speed, thus improving acceleration, lowering transmission temperatures and helping fuel economy. The Co-Pilot will also synchronize torque converter lock-up with an exhaust brake, for added braking force.
The ATS Stage 3 4R100 is designed for trucks that see daily driving and heavy towing duties, aggressive tuning, and a modified turbo and/or injectors. ATS transmissions are backed by a 5 year / 500,000 mile warranty regardless of power level or use.Application:

1999-2003 Ford 4WD