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2011-2012 Dodge / Ram Add a Turbo Kit (W/O Turbo)

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The Dodge 6.7L Cummins comes from the factory equipped with a variable geometry turbo charger. This turbo is great for quick response and bottom end torque. However, it falls short under heavy loads, or when other performance tuning/or programmers are used.
HSP has designed an add a turbo kit that will give your truck a massive power curve, while not sacrificing the drivability of your factory VGT turbo. These kits are engineered to bolt directly into your engine bay with Zero cutting or modifying of your truck. The factory VGT turbo by itself can cause dangerously high exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs). To solve that, we paired it with a Borg Warner S400 frame with the factory unit.
The results speak for themselves, including, lower EGTs, better fuel economy, and an extremely broad power curve are just a few of the added benefits. Power levels will mainly depend on current modifications to your truck but can range from 500HP to 700HP.
This factory battery location kit does not require the removal or relocation of the 2nd battery. Cold starts, large amperage draws, or additional lighting are some of the additional reasons you may want to choose this kit. Versatility, power, torque, and confidence is what you can expect with all HSP Diesel products.Details:

2011-2012 Ram Add A Turbo Kit - No Turbo
Gives Your Truck A Massive Power Curve
Does Not Sacrifice Driveability Of Factory VGT Turbo
Installs With Zero Cutting Or Modifying
Lowers EGT's And Makes Better Fuel Economy
Maintains Factory Battery Location
Raw Unpainted Finish
Made In The USA
Sold As A Kit
SKU: 713-1-HSP-RAW


2011-2012 Ram Truck With 6.7 Cummins Engine
Compatible With: B6.7 2011-2012


Increased power
Performance and spool up
Powdercoat option to dress up engine bay
Upgraded high strength silicone boots
Many powdercoat colors available