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2001-2010 6.6L Duramax Five Star Viskus Drive Torque Converter 1500-1700 RPM Stall Speed Billet F-Trim Stator Negative Impeller ATS Diesel

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Standard in all transmission packages, and available individually, is the ATS Five Star Torque Converter. This torque converter is built to handle daily driving and towing duties while delivering reliable performance. Key features of the ATS Five Star Torque Converter Include:

Patented Viskus Clutch Drive System for increased efficiency
Billet Cover with Patented Square Flank Drive
Square Tab Construction (Not Round)
Viskus Disc CNC Laser Cut Clutch Plates
Billet Piston with Patented Flank Drive Tab design
Proprietary ATS exclusive Clutch Formulation with unique bonding technology (ensures 100% chemical Bond)
Redesigned Spring Dampener supports increased torque loads
4340 hardened turbine splines provide longevity and reliability
Fully welded turbine and impeller vanes
CNC Stator with high flow windows increase oil flow, providing increased efficiency
Full roller bearing construction between high load areas
4340 CNC cut pump drive hub locked into impeller housing
Plasma welded for unsurpassed strength

The ATS Five Star utilizes an optimized factory stall speed that features improved torque multiplication. With factory torque multiplication at approximately 1.25:1, the ATS Five Star boasts 2.4:1. This occurs when peak engine torque is achieved. Increased torque multiplication results in improved vehicle response, towing and driving ability.
Every Five Star comes standard with a 5 year / 500,000 mile warranty. When the most efficient torque converter is required, look no further than ATS Five Star Torque Converter.Application:

2001-2010 2500/3500
Duramax GM Light Duty
6.6 Liter