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2.75 Inch V Band Flange Exhaust Side F Aluminum PPE Diesel

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>PPEs new QR Clamps and Flanges are manufactured with corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel which offers better durability to the everyday extreme environmental conditions these parts are subjected to. Inside interlocking Aluminum flanges and deeper outside register to ensure a secure, tight fit that are able to withstand high pressures. >PPEs deep register holds the V-Band Flange securely until you are ready to release. Easily and securely reconnects in seconds. Interlocking Aluminum V-Band Exhaust FlangesBuilding your own custom exhaust system is easy, thanks to PPE's Interlocking Aluminum V-Band Exhaust Flanges (F-Exhaust Side).Features: Aluminum V-Band Flange Exhaust Side (F) - 2.75 Inch (517227502) Inside interlocking Aluminum flanges Tube locating ridge Sold Individually